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Hi Chiali,I love your work. I’m wondering how much would you cost to have you come up for a wedding in San Jose, CA. If not, do you have any makeup artist in the bay area that you recommend. Frenda

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Huh… Dating di eropah…???Sengaja editor Lisa ni nak dengkikan aku…. gossip palsu nak lariskan majalah lerr tu… aku tak cayer!Kalau betul…. Naper Malaysiakini versi percuma, satu-satunya saluran berita online yang tak bias…tak der pun cover isu ni!Tak chayer!! Tak chayerr…!!!PS: Remy… tak teringin nak holiday SORANG-SORANG di Hat Yai ker? PS2: Takziah buat keluarga mangsa bom di Hat YaiHot debate. What do you think? 7  6

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Amazing just how wrong God was on this topic throughout the Bible including Romans 13:3-4 which seems to repeat the Genesis 9:5-6 injunction to both Jews and Gentiles regarding murder. Our Pope and you are so much more enlightened than God that I faint at times at our good fortune.

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Dear PaterikaHer website is awesome.Yes climbers have many near misses and I think these escapes from death harden us.Have a good day which I hope will finish with good news.Bob

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