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Well, your post and the comments have made me laugh so hard I nearly peed on myself! Thanks! Btw, I once walked in on my 2 year old (now 17 years old) sitting INSIDE the toilet bowl trying to flush himself down. I really really regret that I didn’t own a camera at the time!

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You will have to first attach the glass using glazers points. These are small triangular pieces of steel that you push into the wood next to the glass to secure it. Then ose glazing putty to seal around it.

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lol i saw the movie at 3 am and it finished at 5 am..the line was soooooooooo long…and the move did ahve some sexual stuff but not alot..just tell your mother straight out..” mom you think this is sexual!?” i seen more sexual movies then this lol..or just explain to her its just stupid robots fighting..geeezzz ..

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an inner-city fish and produce farm (there’s one in Milwaukee, and it’s similar to one in northwestern Wisconsin), a look at new Wisconsin cheeses (including Espresso BellaVitano, the Luly1/ByerndRs7;s guide

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Thanks for sharing your excellent reflections and exsreiencep!I agree that Mick Fleetwood should have changed the name of the band to preserver the honor and the legacy of the original group.

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