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You present Twitter here in a whole new light. Great analysis. I just started ‘tweeting’ a couple weeks ago, and ‘google plussing’ a few days ago. I am still learning the nuances of each, and discovering the variances between them and Facebook. And, trying to figure how I will find the time to do any of them.

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– we enjoyed Mobia very much and in the end we liked it more than any other treadclimber. This is the latest treadclimber launched from Nautilus with all the updates included. Hope it helps

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Excellent survey of the intellectual gymnastics of the Left, Mark. I agree completely with your strictures on anti-interventionist rhetoric.The question remains how to translate accurate perception into productive action.

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Freakin’ awesome is what your achievement is. I hope you realize that every single time you get up & go to camp even though you would rather sleep, or push to sprint even though you’re exhausted, or try to get 1 more situp/dip/scorpion flip done in the allotted time, you are writing yourself a paycheck. Each and every time. You are banking those checks and the dividends are coming in at today’s total rate of 41.4%. You rock.

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So ESRI is there a fix coming or any comment? Do we just need to uninstall and then do a fresh install using only SP1 or does there need to be thousands of error reports sent in?

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