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I made these, but they pancaked out into wafer like things rather than staying plump like cookies! Does anyone have any ideas on why that might be??

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Hi Jennifer–Excellent point about a house as a singular asset. A bank account, money market fund or even a stock portfolio can be partially sold to raise cash. A house is totally illiquid. It’s common to attach all kinds of emotional strings to homeownership, but considering all the money that’s sunk into it, it is first and foremost an investment.

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Wen interessiert das eigentlich. Es ist ADs Blog. Er kann hier machen was er will. Wenn dir das nicht passt, dann lies hier nicht mit.Anyway. Ich sehe einen Bezug zwischen Sitzsack und Apple. Das ist beides Nerdstuff. Passt hier also auch rein.

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d giaactually i don’t use the Internet all that much but i have to use a computer system at work 5days a week and i tried the no electronics thing with my boss but it didnt fly with him oh well i tried lol but i didnt not go on line at all no prob im so tired of using a computer by the time i get home that it is a well deserved break thanks

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super poze! te pricepi si la oameni:) mici! p'astia mari nici macar tu cu aparatul tau nu poti sa-i faci mai frumosi. probabil lipseste un abagiu cu pudre si alte smacuri:)

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