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Beautifully written story and awesome photographs!!! Thank you helping spread awareness!!!DebMommy to twins Holly (in utero stroke survivor — left-sided hemiplegia, seizures, developmental delays) and Olivia (typically developing)

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lil and family frank will be missed by many. he was suck a great man and one i always looked up to. he always had a good story when he stopped in the office. hold his memories close during this dark time. he was an icon in our community. he will be sadly missed sorry for your loss

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that I nonetheless imagine that it could be suitable for virtually any form of matter subject matter, as a result of it could continuously be pleasurable to determine a heat and pleasant face or maybe pay attention a voice while initial landing.

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it any better than that! Appreciate ya big dog1 Thanks for everything you do and have given us or will give us in he future. The past is history, the future’s a mystery,but today is a gift, that’s why it’s called “The Present”

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Oh gosh you poor thing but at least you look splendidly attired. Great cat and so fluffy! Love your bag - well lined. Have you tried the vinegar Christina mention it is meant to be excellent for arthritis? xx

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