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It's gorgeous! I love it too! I'm not going to rush your vacation~I hope you have a great time and I will patiently be waiting to see the new marble installed! Have a great time, wish I could go :)Debbie

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Have you given any thought at all with translating your main web-site in to Spanish? I know a couple of of translaters here which would certainly help you do it for no cost if you wanna contact me personally.

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In places that really know their scotch, they will also offer you little water on the side of your neat drink, so you can dilute it a wee bit (brings out some of the hidden aromatics). A good scotch place would never insult you by offering such a fine beverage on the rocks. You can ask, but they will give you a well deserved eyebrow. My mantra is that if it tastes so horrible that you need to super cool and massively dilute it to handle it – don’t drink it! If you are too weak to handle the drink straight up – don’t drink it!

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Conrad & BradThought this might be of interest to both of you as on the Worm Expert discussion forum “” has been doing pretty much what both of you are looking at doing and is actually been successful to date. You might all wish to hook up there and I am sure Pat will assist both of you!Bruce

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There are some great musicians that reside out in Malaysia. The problem is not many people hear about them. Thanks to Youtube and the internet, people can now listen to them all over the world.Brian Garvin

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