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e0Happy new year to you!I love this green and fresh start, and the smoothment sounds like a great idea!Good luck in everything this auspicious year.loveEla

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Hi All. I am looking for performers from all over the world for my website. All you need is a computer, webcam, and have some free time. Make some extra money. There is also a none-nude category. If you interested Send me a message at

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I’ve finally finished with the big parts of renovating my entire home and now I need pop. Pattern is what I need to get that pop. The first thing I would stencil would be my husband’s bathroom, he thinks he only likes plain things- he just doesn’t know better. lol Once I finish, he’ll love it so much that I’ll never hear the words “too busy” out of him again.

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I love winter white! I have a winter white scarf that I wear all the time when it gets cold and it is the perfect accessory to tie this elegant color into my wardrobe. Now I will have to work on some accessories in my house!

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Hey Ali! I’d love a photo session with you! I would really love some new headshots before my belly gets too big! lol! I’ll be in Vegas Saturday evening through Thursday morning. I’d probably have some time Wednesday afternoon/evening.

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