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I can not believe that you are not going to support the Republican candidate fully. A vote for the libertarian candidate is a vote for O’bummer! You will never see another cent from me or my family! You make me sorry I ever supported you.

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I have great concern for the planet we live on. Unfortunately, I belive it will be in steady decline untill human population is at a balanced level or the planet gets rid of us. I may sound defeated, but this is what I see coming.

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It’s beautiful! This is the first string quilt that I REALLY want to make. I love the different widths. It would be wonderful if you could pull together a rough tutorial… when have time (although with that gorgeous baby of yours it might not be until Max leaves for college – I’ll wait)

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Thanks for all this information. I think you make very valid points and I appreciate them and agree with you. You’ve done a great job with expressing yourself in words.

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