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"Last I checked we still have Capital Punishment in this country."Yes and it's about to meet your birther ass in the form of a bullet through your BRAIN.

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"is Portugal really this backwards? I had my suspicions based on his other writings but this one takes the cake."Vince, you are free to think what you want but i shall warn you that you should not comdemn a country based on just one person.I coulud say: Is America all that backwards!? But I won´t because I know that you Vince, do not represent America at all. Think twice next time.

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Okay, the dude on the bottom gets $450,000.But did the dude on the top have to sacrifice anything?Was he fired?Did he have to give up his own pension?Did he have to pay any fines?'Cause, if not, then Top & Bottom sure do have the makings of one whale of an awesome con game - boff each other once or twice, collect hundreds of thousands from the taxpayers, and then laugh all the way to the bank...

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Really cute, your sous-chef and apprentice are absolutely lovely.Delicious and great noodle dish presentation.Very creative too.Wishing you a happy Sunday ♥

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Hi all!Had the craziest day at work (I’m going to change my name to Sarah Connor because computers are going to KILL ME why are printers so difficult?!) and decided to unwind by seeing a movie. That definitely got the creativity flowing. I’m going to power through the next two hours until midnight and hopefully add some words. Congrats to all the writers today!-Laura

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